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Africa Centre for Energy and Environment Solutions (ACEES) limited is a consultancy firm and social enterprise in renewable energy technologies, sustainable energy services and environmental planning and management.
Registered as a Limited Company in Kenya under the company's Act Cap. 486, ACEES was formed under the framework and understanding that millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa need access to proper mechanisms for enhancing sustainable use of energy and environmental resources.
Hence, ACEES seeks to integrate natural resource management and conservation through active involvement in public-private partnerships in energy and environment projects.

Our Vision

To be the leading energy and environmental consultancy firm integrating energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies and environmental planning and conservation for sustainable development in Africa.

Our Objectives

  1. To promote enterprise based, large scale adoption and dissemination of clean cooking and lighting solutions in Africa

  2. To conduct both energy and environmental audits for effective management and utilization of ecosystem services.

  3. To promote gender mainstreaming in all our project design documents and implementation plans

  4. To build partnerships with other private organizations, government departments, civil society and multilateral organizations with an aim of promoting green growth.

Profile of ACEES Management Team

Our Products

Clean Eco Friendly Cooking Solutions

Zoom Dura Wood Stove 24cm x 24cm

Zoom Dura Wood Stove
  • Combustion Chamber refractory metal

  • Insulation abrasion resistant, lightweight ceramic

  • Stove Top six-pronged universal cast iron

  • Body painted sheet metal with reinforced doorframe

  • Stick Support with coordinating installation sockets

  • Handle stainless steel and silicon

  • Bottom Tile kiln-fired with metal lining

  • Pot Skirt adjustable galvanized steel

Zoom Jet Charcoal Stove 24cm x 28cm

Zoom Jet Charcoal Stove

  • Combustion Chamber refractory metal

  • Insulation lightweight ceramic and high temperature thermal insulation

  • Stove Top three-pronged universal cast iron

  • Body painted sheet metal with reinforced door

  • Handles steel and silicon

  • Door metal with silicon grip on latch

  • Feet non-slip rubber

Zoom Wood or Biomass Cook Stove

Semi-Carbonized Briquette From Rice Husk
  • Combustion Chamber Abrasion resistant, light weight ceramic

  • Stove Top three-pronged cast iron

  • Stick Support With coordinating installation sockets

  • Body painted sheet metal with reinforced door

  • Bottom cement

  • Handle plastic and steel

  • Pot Skirt adjustable galvanized steel (optional)

Envirofit Charcoal Stove – CH-5200 Charcoal

Envirofit Charcoal Stove ֠CH-5200 Charcoal

The CH5200 is a compact efficient charcoal stove that delivers maximum performance whether it's simmering a stew or boiling hot tea

  • Tiered pot support

  • Cast Iron Drip Pan

  • Patented Heat Resistant Chamber

  • Wooden Handles

  • Insulated Chamber Design

  • Stable Foot Supported Base

  • Temperature Control Lever

  • Cost is Kshs 4,500

Burn Stove – Jiko Koa

Burn Stove ֠Jiko Koa
  • Uses 50% less charcoal

  • 50% cooks faster

  • High temperature and light weight

  • Easy to use

  • Will not over heat hence saves your family

  • Cost is Kshs 3900

Compacted Sugarcane Bagasse Briquettes

Compacted Sugarcan Bagasse Briquette
  • Fire Power of 750oC - 850oC

  • Better replacement for firewood

  • Highly Compacted

  • Very Affordable

  • Eco-friendly

Biomass Pellets

Semi-Carbonized Briquette From Rice Husk
  • High Combustion Efficiency

  • Burns with clean flame

  • extremely dense and can be produced with low moisture content of below 10%.

  • These are high efficient stoves that have been developed in recent years.

  • regular shape and small geometry that makes them easier to use in a broad range of pellet stoves such as the phillips Stove and Mimimoto stoves.

Savika Biojiko

Coming Soon!!!

  • An institutional cookstove designed for use with pellets.

  • Can use alternative fuel types 

  • Eco-friendly

  • Affordable

  • Efficient

Our Services

Environmental Consultancy

In accordance to the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act (EMCA) of 1999 and other related Acts, ACEES offers consultancy in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audits (EA).
ACEES activities are governed within the subsidiary legislation, 2003 part V of the EIA and AE regulations.
The policy recommends the need for enhanced re-use.recycling of residues including waster water, use of low non-waste technologies, increased public awareness rising and appreciating of a clean environment. It also encourages participation of stake holders in the management of wastes within their localities.

Energy Audit

Using energy (Energy Management)regulations of 2012 as a guide, ACEES conducts energy audits for industries, commercial buildings and learning institutions with an aim of reducing energy consumption without affecting their production/productivity.
ACEES has auditing equipment for hire. They are:-

  1. Fluke power quality analyzer

  2. Lux meter

  3. Tachometer

  4. Flue gas analyzer

  5. Flir Infrared thermal imager

  6. Ultrasonic leak detector

Renewable Energy Technologies Design and Installation

Africa Center for Energy and Environment Solutions (ACEES) under private public partnership (PPP) seeks to promote the design, installation and operation of off-grid and to-grid renewable energy technologies focused in the areas of:-

  1. Solar photovoltaics and solar thermals

  2. Biomass technologies

  3. Small hydropower

The firm seeks to promote an enabling environment in the areas of renewable energy technologies through collaborative ventures.

Capacity Building

ACEES actively participate in the promotion of clean energy solution through training and awareness creation. In collaboration with other partners we have had several training programmes in Kajiado, Makueni and the North Western Kenya

Solar PV System Performance Analysis and Maintenance

Solar PV system consist of five subcomponents namely the module, charge controller, battery, inverter and wiring. Often solar PV systems fail to perform as required and consumers reject the product from simple fault that made neighbor system fail. With our expertise and indepth understanding of the system ACEES provide systems performance analysis and trouble shooting services to the failing system. We go further and provide detailed report and recommendation for long lasting solutions to such technical errors in PV system installations.

Feasibility Studies and Projects Design

With our wealth of expertise we support feasibility studies and energy system’s design in the areas of small hydro power, solar home systems and biomas combustion technologies.

Social Enterprise

ACEES is a social enterprise dealing with renewable energy products and environmental friendly equipments. The firm adopts and disseminates products such as:-

  • Biomass efficient stoves

  • Solar lanterns

  • Ethanol stoves (Technology solutions)

  • Wood pellets

  • Briquettes and ethanol gel (bio-energy options) among others.

We seek to develop an innovative marketing channel that is effective and efficient to ensure wider adoption and use. We also provide warranty and maintenance services to a wide range of our products. The firm seeks to provide e-waste collection and disposal mechanism for the electronic products.


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